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Want a stress-free and smooth-running event? Our professional Master of Ceremonies ensure you and your guests are left with a wonderful memory for years to come.



Ensure your event runs smoothly and professionally with an emcee.


Roger Feng is a professional trilingual (English, Cantonese, Mandarin) Master of Ceremonies for more than 10 years. He has extensive experience in hosting all kinds of event, from private company functions to weddings. Roger believes that a good emcee must be able to create and to sustain the intended atmosphere throughout the event, keeping the interest of the audience, making them feel respected and make sure they are having fun. Roger is extremely organize and pays great attention to details. With his experience, he is able to contribute a lot of unique ideas to his client, making the event as smooth and as fun as possible. 

Roger is especially popular as a wedding emcee. He has the ability to 
radiate confidence and charisma to keep the ceremony and reception entertaining for all. In addition, his communication skill allows him to interact effectively not only with the bride and groom, but also with the event staffs, DJ and anyone else who is directly involved with the wedding. 


We make fun priority one!